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prettyandwitty's Journal

Hot and Funny! Funny and Hot!
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Are you perfect? We are.

Well, at least we think so.

Being hot isn't enough. What use is a come-hither gaze if you can't even make witty post-coital banter? What use is the ability to make funny jokes if your face makes people run away before the punch line?

Do you think you're hot and funny? Here is what to do: Join. Post your picture and post a joke or short anecdote to demonstrate your stunning sense of humor, immediately. The members will vote on your excellence or lack thereof. You can not vote unless you are already ACCEPTED as a member. If you vote or comment before you are accepted, we will be upset. Very upset. How do you know if you are accepted? The members of the community vote on you. Then one of your esteemed moderators, mip or oreofuchi or melena or myprettysong, will give you the final verdict.

It's easy enough.